High Temperature Insulation & Thermal Management Solutions

Western Industrial Ceramics is an industry leader in thermal management solutions for high temperature applications. Serving the Western U.S. with offices in Los Angeles, CA and Portland, OR since 1971, we have lead the way in providing heat engineering for boilers, kilns, induction, melting and heat treating furnaces, fireplace logs and panels, thermal oxidizers and fireproof insulation.

We maintain large inventories of Unifrax’s Fiberfrax┬« products, including insulation blankets and boards, high temperature textiles and ceramic fiber modules. In addition, we maintain stocks of mineral wool, castable, plastics, mortars, insulating and refractory brick and alumina products. We provide vacuum forming services, allowing us to produce refractory shapes made from refractory ceramic fiber, mineral wool and castable of all temperature ranges, including alumina, silicon carbide or mullite grades.

Contact us today to discuss your industrial furnace design and/or thermal problems. Let our engineers review your heat requirements for economic solutions to control.

Refractory Fibers and Clay Products in all temperature ranges

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Custom Vacuum Formed Shapes and Field Refractory Installations

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